Member Advisory Board & Steering Committee

Members of the Center for Research and Education in Wind (CREW) play a key role in identifying Shared Research Program research thrust areas and selecting research projects for funding each year, among other activities. Each industry member appoints one representative to serve on the CREW Advisory Panel. This body represents the general interests of the CREW members. The Advisory Panel elects a chair and vice chair every two years to lead its activities as well as serving ex-officio with five additional elected individuals on the Advisory Panel's Steering Committee.

The current Steering Committee provides guidance on CREW research policy, allocation of resources, and technology transfer. For example, each year CREW issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the scientists and faculty in the Collaboratory Institutions under the Shared Research Program. The Steering Committee helps develop the RFP's research thrust areas, appoints members to serve on proposal review and ranking committees, and in conjunction with the Executive Board, selects proposals to receive funding.
(Note that while each member company may have more than one representative on the committee, each company only receives one vote in voting matters.)

To see an organization chart of CREW, visit the Organization.