About CREW


The Center for Research and Education in Wind (CREW) serves to advance fundamental understanding and develop new technologies in areas that can improve the reliability and efficiency of wind power generation under a wide range of conditions. The ultimate goal of CREW is to enable widespread and environmental-friendly deployment of wind energy infrastructure and to contribute to a reduction in the cost of wind energy through scientific, technological, regulatory, and political advances in the current state of the art in wind energy systems.
CREW's primary research thrusts are:
- Turbine modeling
- Electrical Systems
- Control systems
- Atmospheric analyses, forecasting, modeling
- Turbine testing and certification


To reach our goals, the CREW Executive Board has established the following structure:
- Offering wind industry companies access to six powerful research institutions through a single point of contact
- Conducting both shared (pre-competitive) research and sponsored (exclusive) research programs
- Partnering with other public and private research efforts
- Creating education programs that support wind industry research, outreach, professional and technical training.

Learn more about CREW by visiting the link below:
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- Executive Board
- Member Advisory Panel and Steering Committee
- Research Institutions
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